A Stephen King Journey

Reading every book, watching every movie, binging every TV show, listening to every podcast related to Stephen King

The Podcasts

I love podcasts! And when it comes to the world of Stephen King there is a rich abundance of podcasts with which once can share the experience.

The following podcasts are part of my journey. I know I am missing out on some quality shows that are not listed below, but I had to draw the line somewhere otherwise I would never make it out of “Carrie”

Take a listen to some of the fun & informative podcasts below and see what resonates with you! Click on the image to be taken to the podcast subscription info.

And now… In no particular order…

Derry Public Radio: A Stephen King Book Club Podcast

The podcast with the funniest episode names (“IT Pt. 2 – ‘Too Horny for Terror’”, “Different Seasons Pt.3 – ‘Not My Balls, Not My Leech’ (Stand By Me)”). Laugh along while reflecting on the great works of the master!

The Losers’ Club

The group of friends you wish you had around to chat about Stephen King! With the largest episode count, they’re still not even halfway through King’s vast library. Their Patreon-offerings also include film commentaries for some of the worst King movie adaptations. The perfect mix of fun & fear!

The Kingcast

A Stephen King Podcast For Stephen King Obsessives featuring the most interviews with celebrities from the world of King. From Guillermo del Toro to Jamie Lee Curtis, this is the red carpet of Stephen King podcasts.


Going deeper into the books and lore of King’s seminal series, The Dark Tower, than anyone else, you will have a PhD in ka by listening to Kingslingers. But they’re not limited just to The Dark Tower, so check out their episodes to see the breadth of their work!

The Stephen King Podcast

One of the oldest podcasts out there, dating back to 2013, I’m not sure they’re active anymore. But they covered some Stephen King related work not touched by any others, thus a worthwhile addition to the journey.

Stephen King Cast

A recent one I’ve been introduced to as an “OG” of Stephen King podcasts, this also goes all the way back to 2014 and is still carrying on! Every book & many movies are reviewed in depth and the insights are truly original.

Tower Junkies

A podcast celebrating the work of Stephen King with an occasional focus on his magnum opus, The Dark Tower series. We discuss the themes, characters, and mythology of the series in “palaver” episodes and review the books and comic series in “khef” episodes. We also discuss non-Tower King novels, TV and film adaptations of King’s work, and the latest news about all things Stephen King.

Dark Tower Radio

Another podcast that goes back quite a few years. Their episodes jump all over the place, sometimes covering works from completely different books in the same show. But I love their bluntness and occasional irreverence!

The Year of Underrated Stephen King

This podcast analyzes Stephen King’s lesser-known novels and short stories in depth and explores why Stephen King is the greatest fiction writer alive! Hosted by a Creative Fiction Writing instructor.

The Cast of Ka

The most expansive podcast out there dedicated to the Dark Tower Series. They’ll do 2 hour episodes on a SINGLE CHAPTER! Though they’ve been at this for a few years, they’re only up to “Wolves of the Calla” (as of Dec 2022) so it’s a good time to subscribe and continue the journey with them.

Two Guys to the Dark Tower Came

Starting off as a Dark Tower series specific podcast, these two gentlemen expanded to quite a few more works in the Stephen King Universe.

Dark Tower Palaver

Podcast about Stephen King’s Magnum Opus The Dark Tower Series.

Just King Things

A monthly podcast about reading the books of Stephen King in publication order. Join hosts Michael and Cameron, two cultural critics and horror fans who literally grew up reading this stuff, as they embark upon a quest to revisit and review a vast body of work spanning five decades


A Uk based Stephen King podcast . For obsessives. By obsessives. Join Matt Robinson & Simon Balcon as they discuss King’s novels & film adaptations.

Chat Sematary: A Stephen King Podcast

A weekly Stephen King podcast hosted by Deanna Chapman. Started in 2018, Deanna tore through every Stephen King book and many of the video interpretations with short reflections on each work. She also covers material that few others touch.

Film Sack

Though not technically a Stephen King podcast, this eleven-year journey through “sackable” films includes hilarious dives into such classics as “The Lawnmower Man” and “Dreamcatcher”. You will not laugh harder than hearing’s this gang tear through our favorite movies.

Streamin’ King

The only one not a podcast, this online written series dedicated to Stephen King video material is one the best researched out there. Even having listened to a dozen podcast episodes dedicated to a single movie, you will STILL learn many interesting nuggets reading a Streamin’ King article.

David’s Den

The sole YouTube VLog of the batch, David Farrington takes you on a literary dissection of the King classics. What makes him stand out are the occasional “halfway” book reviews where he contemplates whether to continue to the work’s end! Sadly, David burned bright but too short and has gone on seemingly permanent hiatus after having completed “Night Shift”.