A Stephen King Journey

Reading every book, watching every movie, binging every TV show, listening to every podcast related to Stephen King

In Dec of 2021, I turned 50.

It was time for a mid-life crisis.

It was going to be either a sports car or to embark on a journey to revisit a favorite aspect of my youth:

Reading Stephen King.

I chose the latter. Starting Jan 1, 2022, I began reading every SK book in order of release (mostly), along with every related movie, TV show, podcast, dramatization, comic book, etc. It’s a huge project, but I’ve got the time & patience. Follow me on my journey!


The Dark Tower:
The Waste Lands

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Part III of an epic saga. Roland and his companions, Eddie and Susannah Dean, find the Path of the Beam that will lead them to the Dark Tower. Along the way, Roland adds two new members to his ka-tet (a group united for a specific purpose). In the decaying city of Lud, they encounter new dangers, including a sentient train that has gone insane. (stephenking.com)

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